Back Issues — Vol.8, No.2   1977
Pegmatite Issue #1, Jan-Feb 1977, Vol 8 no 1
Vol.8, No.2
March - April 1977
Not in print
Pegmatite Issue #1, Jan-Feb 1977, Vol 8 no 1


This issue is no longer in print.



Famous Mineral Localities: The Pulsifer Quarry [Maine]
Wendell E. Wilson
72- 77
Apatite: a Guide to Species Nomenclature
Pete J. Dunn
78- 82
The Snowbird Mine: Montana's Parisite Locality
R. Lasmanis
83- 86
The Clear Creek Pegmatite: a Rare Earth Pegmatite in Burnet County, Texas
Wilson W. Crook, III
88- 90
The Helvite Group
Pete J. Dunn
92- 93
Lithiophilite Crystals from the Foote Mine [North Carolina]
John W. Anthony, Richard W. Thomssen
95- 97
Uvite, a New (Old) Common Member of the Tourmaline Group and Its Implications for Collectors
Joseph A. Nelen, Pete J. Dunn, Daniel Appleman, Julie Norberg
100- 108
The Dravite Crystal Bonanza of Yinnietharra, Western Australia
P.J. Bridge, J.L. Daniels, M.W. Pryce
109- 110
A New Mineral: Perloffite, the Fe3+ Analogue of Bjarebyite
Anthony R. Kampf
112- 114
The Harding Mine, Taos County, New Mexico
Richard H. Jahns, Rodney C. Ewing
115- 126
Guest Editorial
I Am Curious (and) Green
Marie Huizing
70- 71
Notes From the Editor
Wendell E. Wilson
Personality Sketch: Gunnar Bjareby (1899-1967)
Stephen and Janet Cares
Letters to the Editor (Department)
130- 131
Friends of Mineralogy (Department)
A Code for Geological Field Work