Back Issues — Vol.31, No.5   2000
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September – October 2000
Vol.31, No.5
September - October 2000
September - October 2000
Title Page number(s)
Collector Profile: Vladimir Andreevich Pelepenko
Zoya A. Bessudnova
389- 396
Minerals of the Millington Quarry, Somerset County, New Jersey
Breck P. Kent, Bill Butkowski
399- 411
Mineralogy of the Calcite-Fluorite Veins near Long Lake, New York
R. Peter Richards, George W. Robinson
413- 422
The Journals of Robert Ferguson (1767-1840)
Brian Lloyd, Mary Lloyd
425- 442
The Fascination With Perfection: Some Thoughts on Elite Collecting; or: How Picky Can a Collector Get?
Wendell E. Wilson
378- 379
Notes From the Editor
Tucson Show 2K winners
Wendell E. Wilson
379- 381
Tucson gem & mineral shows Y2K economic impact
Wendell E. Wilson
379- 380
Back issues [cross-reference according to localities]
Wendell E. Wilson
380- 381
Letters (Department)
447- 449