Back Issues — Vol.30, No.5   1999
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September – October 1999
Vol.30, No.5
September - October 1999
September - October 1999
Title Page number(s)
The Mex-Tex Mine, Bingham, New Mexico
Ramon S. DeMark, Thomas M. Massis
335- 344
Famous Mineral Localities: The Sapucaia Pegmatite, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Jacques P. Cassedanne, Augusto Baptista
347- 360, 365-366
Famous Mineral Localities: Lavra Berilo Branco, the Original
Wendell E. Wilson
361- 365
Great Pockets: The Carlsbad Halite Caves [New Mexico]
James W. Minette
369- 372
Notes From the Editor
Paper vs. cybermedia
Wendell E. Wilson
Gallery Reviews (Column)
The New Mineral and Gem Gallery at the British Museum
John Sampson White
373- 377
Mineral Stories (Column)
A Remarkable Site
Michele Dondi, Gianluca Puggioli
The Quiet Collectors
Al Ordway, Jr.
381- 382
The Magic Beans
Arthur E. Smith
382- 383
Unorthodox Excavation Method
Bob Fitton
Interesting Inclusions in Quartz
The Chañarcillo Proustite Lot
Terry Szenics
383- 384
Chañarcillo Proustite (Part II)
Terry Szenics
384- 385, 392
Letters (Department)
395- 396
Abstracts of New Mineral Descriptions (Department)
Joseph A. Mandarino
399- 405