Back Issues — Vol.30, No.4   1999
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July – August 1999
Vol.30, No.4
July - August 1999
July - August 1999
Title Page number(s)
Cobalt Minerals of the Katanga Crescent, Congo
Gilbert Gauthier, Michel Deliens
255- 267
Cobaltoan Calcites and Dolomites from Katanga [Congo]
D.L. Douglass
269- 273
The Zapot Pegmatite, Mineral County, Nevada
Eugene E. Foord, Harvey M. Gordon, Arthur E. Soregaroli
277- 292
Modern Mineral Identification Techniques, Part I: WDS and EDS
Tony Nikischer
297- 300
Collector Profile: Martin Zinn III
Wendell E. Wilson
311- 316
Notes From the Editor
Died, Richard Venable Gaines, 81
John D. Hallahan
250- 251
Died, Luis Antonio Bravo Teixeira Leite, 56
Wendell E. Wilson
New Minerals Recently Approved
Joel D. Grice, Giovanni Ferraris
320- 323
Abstracts of New Mineral Descriptions (Department)
Joseph A. Mandarino
324- 326