Back Issues — Vol.30, No.3   1999
May – June 1999
Vol.30, No.3
May - June 1999
May - June 1999
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The IMA Commission on New Minerals and Mineral Names: Procedures and Guidelines on Mineral Nomenclature, 1998
Joel D. Grice, Ernest H. Nickel
163- 176
Andyrobertsite and Calcioandyrobertsite: Two New Minerals from the Tsumeb Mine, Tsumeb, Namibia
William W. Pinch, Joel D. Grice, Frank C. Hawthorne, Mark A. Cooper
181- 186
The Meikle Mine, Elko County, Nevada
Martin Jensen
187- 196
The Ross Hannibal Mine, Lawrence County, South Dakota
Thomas A. Loomis
199- 206
Notes From the Editor
Call for papers
Wendell E. Wilson
Minerals of Broken Hill
Wendell E. Wilson
Died, L. Russell Haggard, 94
Wendell E. Wilson
What's New in Minerals (Department)
Tucson Show 1999
Thomas P. Moore
211- 219, 221, 224, 238-240
Abstracts of New Mineral Descriptions (Department)
Joseph A. Mandarino
231- 238
Book Reviews (Department)
Tsumeb: A Unique Mineral Locality by Georg Gebhard
Thomas P. Moore
241- 242
The Manganese Adventure: The South African Manganese Fields by Bruce Cairncross, Nicolas Beukes and Jens Gutzmer
Wendell E. Wilson
242- 243
Ruby & Sapphire by Richard W. Hughes
Wendell E. Wilson
Minerals First Discovered on the Territory of the Former Soviet Union by Igor V. Pekov
Wendell E. Wilson
Letters (Department)
245- 246