Back Issues — Vol.29, No.5   1998
September – October 1998
Vol.29, No.5
September - October 1998
September - October 1998
Title Page number(s)
Famous Mineral Localities: The Castle Dome District, Yuma County, Arizona
Wendell E. Wilson, Mark Hay, Anna M. Domitrovic
437- 458
Microminerals from the Bushveld Complex, South Africa
Bruce Cairncross, Wolfgang Windisch
461- 465
A New Mineral...Almost: 1,5-Dinitronaphthalene from the Boarezzo Mine, Varese, Italy
Paolo Orlandi, Achille Panunzi
483- 484
Notes From the Editor
Behind the Scenes: Publishing the Sweet Home Issue
Wendell E. Wilson
434- 435
Abstracts of New Mineral Descriptions (Department)
Joseph A. Mandarino
467- 479
New Minerals Recently Approved
Joseph A. Mandarino, Joel D. Grice
485- 487
Microminerals (Column)
Identifying Unknowns
William A. Henderson, Jr.
489- 492
Letters (Department)
493- 495
Book Reviews (Department)
Handbook of Mineralogy, Volume III, by John W. Anthony, Richard A. Bideaux, Kenneth W. Bladh, and Monte C. Nichols
Pete J. Dunn
15 European titles reviewed by Michael O'Donoghue
505- 508
Geologists and the History of Geology: An International Bibliography Supplement II: 1985-1993 by William A.S. Sarjeant
Wendell E. Wilson