Back Issues — Vol.26, No.5   1995
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September – October 1995
Vol.26, No.5
September - October 1995
September - October 1995
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Definition of a Mineral
Ernest H. Nickel
437- 438
The Finch Mine and Vicinity, Gila County, Arizona
Kyle David Smith
439- 448
The Gold Quarry Mine, Carlin-Trend, Eureka County, Nevada
Eugene E. Foord, Martin Jensen, Joseph C. Rota
449- 469
World Review of Mineral Discoveries 1993-1994
Vandall T. King, Forrest Cureton, Jeffrey A. Scovil, George W. Robinson
475- 499
Notes From the Editor
New codes!
Wendell E. Wilson
434- 435
Died, Betty Halff Llewellyn, 83
Wendell E. Wilson
Died, Vincent Morgan, 84
James W. Minette
434- 435
Died, Blair Gartrell, 44
Wendell E. Wilson
Thank you! [to Dr. Miguel Romero]
Wendell E. Wilson
Mineral Stories (Column)
Quartz Discredited
Robert W. Jones
Being Kind to Tourists
Arthur E. Smith
505- 506
The Rare Gypsum
Pearl Freeman
Stamp of Disapproval
Jean K. McKenna
506- 507
The Grenzig Sale
Lawrence H. Conklin
Remote Sensing
John D. Hallahan