Back Issues — Vol.25, No.3   1994
May – June 1994
Vol.25, No.3
May - June 1994
May - June 1994
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The Jaguaraçu Pegmatite, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Jacques P. Cassedanne, Jeanete Alves
165- 170
Mineralogy of the Bennett Pegmatite, Oxford County, Maine
Ronald E. Holden, Jr., Michael A. Wise, Timothy R. Rose
175- 184
Minerals of the Prospect Intrusion, New South Wales, Australia
Brian M. England
185- 194
Copper Roses from the Rose Mine near San Lorenzo, New Mexico
Timothy A. Hanson
195- 202
The Phosphate Analog of Molybdofornacite from Whim Creek, Western Australia
Ernest H. Nickel, Greg J. Hitchen
203- 204
Charles W.A. Herrmann (1801-1898), Mineralogist and Mineral Dealer
Lawrence H. Conklin
225- 226
Notes From the Editor
Necessary words
Wendell E. Wilson
More barriers to collecting
Wendell E. Wilson
Call for papers, 16th FM-TGMS-MSA Mineralogical Symposium
Wendell E. Wilson
Microminerals (Column)
Miscellany from France, the Eifel district, and Mont Saint-Hilaire
William A. Henderson, Jr.
208- 210
What's New in Minerals? (Department)
Tucson Show 1994
Thomas P. Moore
211- 221
Bilbao and Barcelona Shows 1993
Miguel Calvo