Back Issues — Vol.23, No.6   1992
November – December 1992
Vol.23, No.6
November - December 1992
November - December 1992
Title Page number(s)
Giant Fluorapatite Crystals: a Question of Locality
Jerry Van Velthuizen
459- 463
Franklinphilite, the Manganese Analog of Stilpnomelane, from Franklin, New Jersey
Pete J. Dunn, Donald R. Peacor, Shu-Chun Su
465- 468
A Notable Rhodonite Crystal from Broken Hill, Australia
Albert H. Chapman
469- 470
Palladium and Platinum from Córrego Bom Sucesso, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Jacques P. Cassedanne, Jeanete Alves
471- 474
Minerals of the Black Pine Mine, Granite County, Montana
Dave Waisman
477- 483
An Occurrence of Bixbyite, Spessartine, Topaz and Pseudobrookite from Ash Creek near Hayden, Arizona
John Sampson White
487- 492
Guest Editorial
What is the Future of Mineral Exhibits in Museums?
Alan Goldstein
Notes From the Editor
The Russell Medal
Wendell E. Wilson
455- 457
Federation of micromounters
Wendell E. Wilson
Vermont adopts grossular
Wendell E. Wilson
Glossary sub-edition
Wendell E. Wilson
455- 456
Now two Fax lines!
Wendell E. Wilson
Record pagination
Wendell E. Wilson
Died, Josephine Louise Scripps, 82
William F. Larson, Charles Short
456- 457
Died, Giancarlo Brizzi, 56
Rainer Bode
Died, Alvin J. Cohen, 73
Jeffrey K. Wagner
Letter From Europe (Column)
Ste.-Marie-aux-Mines Show 1992
Michael P. Cooper
494- 498
What's New in Minerals? (Department)
Springfield Show 1992
Thomas P. Moore
499- 500
Mineral Stories (Column)
A Collection Given to a Foundation...
Sir Howard Smith
The Disappearing Antarcticite
Wallace D. Kleck
501- 502
A Biblioclast Recants
Lawrence H. Conklin
Book Reviews (Department)
Museos Españoles de Minerales by E.L. Gomez, B.C. Perez and A.H. Rodriguez
Wendell E. Wilson
Colorado Gold, from the Pike's Peak Rush to the Present by Stephen M. Voynick
Wendell E. Wilson
The Tucson Experience: World's Largest Gem & Mineral Shows (Videotape)
Wendell E. Wilson
503- 504
The Proctor Collection videotape by Keith and Mauna Proctor
Wendell E. Wilson
Smaragd; Grünes Feuer unterm Eis by Gunther Grundmann (extraLapis 1)
Wendell E. Wilson
Gold; Mineral, Macht und Illusions: 500 Jahre Goldraush by Maximillian Glas (editor)(extraLapis 2)
Michael O'Donoghue