Back Issues — Vol.20, No.5   1989
September – October 1989
Vol.20, No.5
September - October 1989
September - October 1989
Title Page number(s)
Diamonds in Brazil
Jacques P. Cassedanne
325- 336
A Vivianite Occurrence in Contra Costa County, California
Christopher B. DeWitt
337- 338
Essay: Minerals and Metals
Paul B. Moore
339- 342
Phosphate Minerals from the Leveäniemi Iron Mine, Svappavaara, Sweden
Carl-Gustav Bjällerud
343- 346
The Mineral Collection of the Museum of Natural History, Vienna
Gerhard Niedermayr
347- 354
Phosphate Microminerals of the Indian Mountain Area [Alabama and Georgia]
Curtis L. Hollabaugh, Jennings B. Gordon, Jr.
355- 362
Laueite from Hagendorf-Süd [Germany] and the Palermo Mine [New Hampshire]
Lawrence C. Pitman
363- 364
New Data on the Cause of Smoky and Amethystine Color in Quartz
Alvin J. Cohen
365- 367
Famous Mineral Localities: The Phoenixville Lead-Silver Mines, Chester County, Pennsylvania
Ronald A. Sloto
369- 386
Notes From the Editor
Our cover
Wendell E. Wilson
322- 324
Seeing through rock
Wendell E. Wilson
Tucson Show
Wendell E. Wilson
Call for papers
Wendell E. Wilson
322- 323
Fluorescent mineral society
Wendell E. Wilson
Collector pins
Wendell E. Wilson
Blue quartz
Wendell E. Wilson
Torino Show
Wendell E. Wilson
Wendell E. Wilson
323- 324
What's New in Minerals? (Department)
Sixteenth Annual Rochester Academy of Science Mineralogical Symposium
Vandall T. King, George W. Robinson
387- 399
Book Reviews (Department)
Montegerian Treasures by J.A. Mandarino and V. Anderson
Robert B. Cook
The Geology of Ore Deposits by John M. Guilbert and Charles F. Park, Jr.
Paul Pohwat
401- 402
Letters (Department)
403- 404