Back Issues — Vol.20, No.3   1989
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May – June 1989
Vol.20, No.3
May - June 1989
May - June 1989
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Famous mineralogists: Samuel Lewis Penfield (1856-1906)
Paul B. Moore
181- 183
Recent Discoveries of Hydroxylherderite in Minas Gerais [Brazil]
Jacques P. Cassedanne
187- 188
The Anjanabonoina Pegmatite, Madagascar
Wendell E. Wilson
191- 200
The Port Radium District, Northwest Territories, Canada
Rod Tyson
201- 208
Mineralogy of the Alpine Veins near Sherbrooke, Quebec
Steven C. Chamberlain, R. Peter Richards, George W. Robinson
209- 220
Famous Mineral Localities: The Ouro Preto [Brazil] Topaz Mines
Jacques P. Cassedanne
221- 233
Guest Editorial
Collecting in Abandoned Mines
Steve Voynick
178- 180
Notes From the Editor
Record bookstore to close
Wendell E. Wilson
International directory of micromounters
Roy Grim
What's New in Minerals? (Department)
Tucson Show 1989
Wendell E. Wilson
234- 238
Annual List of Donors and Volunteers
241- 243