Back Issues — Vol.18, No.6   1987
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November – December 1987
Vol.18, No.6
November - December 1987
November - December 1987
Title Page number(s)
Mineral Curators: Their Appointments and Duties
Peter G. Embrey
389- 390
Pyrite Crystals from the Duff Quarry [Ohio]
Steven C. Chamberlain, R. Peter Richards
391- 398
Mineral Stereophotography
Wendell E. Wilson, Steven C. Chamberlain
399- 404
The Miller Calcite Collection
Chuck Turley, Marshall Koval
405- 411
Mineralogy of the Killie Mine, Elko County, Nevada
Joseph F. Cooper, Jr., Gail E. Dunning
413- 420
Notes From the Editor
Stereo viewers
Wendell E. Wilson
New British magazine
Wendell E. Wilson
Australian Mineralogist
Wendell E. Wilson
Australia tour planned
Wendell E. Wilson
Historical Notes on Mineralogy
On the Old Morgan Hall
Lawrence H. Conklin
423- 427
What's New in Minerals? (Department)
New Mexico Smoky Quartz
Wendell E. Wilson
New Hampshire Topaz
Wendell E. Wilson
Mexican Minerals
Wendell E. Wilson
Moroccan Phosgenite
Wendell E. Wilson
Other Discoveries
Wendell E. Wilson
Recent Colorado Discoveries
Barbara Muntyan
431- 432
Notes From Europe
Jan Stobbe
432- 433
The Quarryville Show
Thomas P. Moore
433- 434
Microminerals (Column)
William A. Henderson, Jr.
435- 438
Index to Volume Eighteen (1987)
446- 447