Back Issues — Vol.17, No.2   1986
March – April 1986
Vol.17, No.2
March - April 1986
March - April 1986
Title Page number(s)
Mineral Specimen Mislabeling
Wendell E. Wilson, Pete J. Dunn, Ronald E. Bentley
99- 104
Mineral Localities in Austria
Gerhard Niedermayr
105- 110
Vanadinite from the J.C. Holmes Claim, Santa Cruz County, Arizona
William W. Besse, Gary Novak
111- 115
The Michigan Gold Belt
David W. Maguire
117- 121
Marsturite Epitaxial on Rhodonite from Franklin, New Jersey
Peter B. Leavens, Pete J. Dunn
123- 125
A New Zinc Magnesium Carbonate and Data for Other Unnamed Species from Franklin and Sterling Hill, New Jersey
Pete J. Dunn
126- 127
Mcguinnessite from a Serpentinite Body in Maryland
Fred Magnusson
127- 128
Native Copper from Prospect Park, New Jersey
Thomas A. Peters, Alfred L. Lombaerde, Jr.
129- 130
Whewellite from South Dakota and a Review of Other North American Localities
Willard L. Roberts, Thomas J. Campbell
131- 133
Notes From the Editor
"Mineral Museuums of Europe"
Wendell E. Wilson
The Swart files
Wendell E. Wilson
the Harvard Mineralogical Museum Association
Wendell E. Wilson
Micromounters directory
Wendell E. Wilson
Thanks Larry!
Wendell E. Wilson
Back issues
Wendell E. Wilson
Avis a nous souscripteurs Francais
Wendell E. Wilson
Microminerals (Column)
Magnetic Minerals and a Micro Magnetism Detector
William A. Henderson, Jr.
135- 140
Book Reviews (Department)
Natural Zeolites by Glauco Gottardi and Ermanno Galli
Pete J. Dunn
Geology of World Gem Deposits edited by S.L. VanLandingham
Wendell E. Wilson
Dictionary of Rocks by Richard S. Mitchell
Wendell E. Wilson
Letters (Department)
145- 146
What's New in Minerals? (Department)
Detroit Show 1985
Gloria Ludlum
Munich Show 1985
Wendell E. Wilson
147- 150
Brazilian Discoveries
Russell Behnke
150- 151
Arkansas Cookeite
Wendell E. Wilson
Maryland Calcite
Wendell E. Wilson
151- 152