Back Issues — Vol.16, No.2   1985
March – April 1985
Vol.16, No.2
March - April 1985
March - April 1985
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Recent Discoveries of Phenakite in Brazil
Jacques P. Cassedanne
107- 109
Bahianite from Brazil
Jacques P. Cassedanne
111- 115
Mammothite, a New Mineral from Tiger, Arizona and Laurium, Greece
Richard A. Bideaux, Pete J. Dunn, Donald R. Peacor, Günther Schnorrer-Köhler
117- 120
Sodium-pharmacosiderite, a New Analog of Pharmacosiderite from Australia, and New Occurrences of Barium-pharmacosiderite
Pete J. Dunn, Donald R. Peacor
121- 124
Miguel Romero and the Romero Mineralogical Museum
William D. Panczner
129- 136
Microminerals of the Western Volcanics
William A. Henderson, Jr.
137- 145
Additions & Corrections to the Glossary of Mineral Species 1983
Michael Fleischer
155- 158
Notes From the Editor
The big index
Wendell E. Wilson
104- 105
Hot tip for lamp lovers
Wendell E. Wilson
Checklist for authors
Wendell E. Wilson
Microminerals (Column)
1984 Tucson Show
William A. Henderson, Jr.
147- 153
Letters (Department)
159- 160
Book Reviews (Department)
Gem Cutting, a Lapidary's Manual by John Sinkankas
Wendell E. Wilson