Back Issues — Vol.15, No.6   1984
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Vol.15, No.6
November - December 1984
Title Page number(s)
Famous Mineral Localities: the Mines and Minerals of Bad Ems [Germany]
Roland Dietrich, Rainer Bode
323 - 344
Vanadinite fromTouissit, Morocco, and Comments on Endlichite
John Sampson White
347 - 350
Hawleyite and Phosphate Minerals from Bethel Church, Indiana, Including a Second Occurrence for Ferrostrunzite
William B. Simmons, Jr., Raymond M. Coveney, Jr., Ashley V. Allen, James C. Blankenship
351 - 357
Fluorapatite from the King Lithia Mine, Custer County, South Dakota
James B. Paces, A.P. Ruotsala, Marc L. Wilson
361 - 366
Notes From Italy (Column)
Southwestern Sardinia [Italy]
Gianni Porcellini
371 - 372
Book Reviews (Department)
Gem & Crystal Treasures by Peter Bancroft
Paul E. Desautels
373 - 374
Index to Volume Fifteen (1984)
382 - 383