Back Issues — Vol.14, No.3   1983
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Vol.14, No.3
May - June 1983
Out of print
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Across the San Juan Mountains [Colorado], Part I
T.A. Rickard
141 - 149
Cubanite from Chibougamau, Quebec
André Lévesque
151 - 155
Famous Mineral Localities: Baveno, Italy
Claudio Albertini
157 - 168
Sellaite from the Brumado Mine [Brazil]
Jacques P. Cassedanne, J.P. Resende
179 - 181
Minerals of the Buckwheat Dolomite, Franklin, New Jersey
Thomas A. Peters, Joseph J. Peters, Robert Koestler, Christian H. Grube
183 - 194
Red Montgomeryite and Associated Minerals from the Tip Top Pegmatite [South Dakota] With Notes on Kingsmountite and Calcioferrite
Peter B. Leavens, Willard L. Roberts, Pete J. Dunn, Thomas J. Campbell
195 - 197
Pyrobelonite from Franklin, New Jersey
Pete J. Dunn
203 - 204
Guest Editorial
Unethical Use of Mineral Names; a Commentary
Pete J. Dunn
Notes From the Editor
Gold issue sold out!
Wendell E. Wilson
Glossary 1983
Wendell E. Wilson
Book donations
Wendell E. Wilson
Collection computerization
Wendell E. Wilson
New mineralogical society formed
Wendell E. Wilson
Experts on old localities needed
Wendell E. Wilson
Out-of-print copies of the Record
Wendell E. Wilson
Died, Richard N. Kelley, 42
Jackie Schlepp
Notes From Mexico (Column)
William D. Panczner
169 - 171
What's New in Minerals? (Department)
Tucson Show 1983
Wendell E. Wilson
173 - 176
Annual List of Donors to the Mineralogical Record
177 - 178
Letters (Department)
205 - 206