Back Issues — Vol.12, No.4   1981
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Vol.12, No.4
July - August 1981
Title Page number(s)
Mineral Fakes
Wendell E. Wilson, Pete J. Dunn, Ronald E. Bentley
197 - 219
Edingtonite and Natrolite from Ice River, British Columbia
Robert A. Gault, Joel D. Grice
221 - 226
Boehmite from Syenite Pegmatites in the Oslo Region, Norway
Alf Olav Larsen
227 - 230
Morphology and Twinning of Sellaite from Gjerdingen, Norway
Gunnar Raade, Jan Haug
231 - 232
Famous Mineral Localities: The Leadhills-Wanlockhead District, Scotland
R.J. Gillanders
235 - 250
Guest Editorial
Mineral Fraud
Pete J. Dunn, Ronald E. Bentley