Back Issues — Vol.44, No.5   2013
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September – October 2013
Vol.44, No.5
September - October 2013
September - October 2013
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Famous mineral localities: Minerals of the Kaokoveld District, Kunene Region, Namibia
Robert J. Bowell, Olga Ermolina, Wim van der Plas, Jesper van Us, Marius Steiner
485- 504
The best zincite specimens from Franklin, New Jersey
Wendell E. Wilson
509- 534
Collector profile: Gene Meieran, dean of gem crystals
Thomas P. Moore
539- 550
Notes from the Editors
Quartz memory crystals
Wendell E. Wilson
Mineralogical Record goes to China
Wendell E. Wilson
Herodsfoot mine work
Wendell E. Wilson
477- 478
What's new in minerals
New York-New Jersey Show 2013
Joe Polityka
556- 559
Changsha Show 2013
Robert Lavinsky
559- 565
Ste.-Marie-aux-Mines Show 2013
Thomas P. Moore
565- 574
Editorial: The Best
Wendell E. Wilson