Back Issues — Vol.43, No.1   2012
January – February 2012
Vol.43, No.1
January - February 2012
January - February 2012
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Famous mineral localities: Neudorf, Harz Mountains, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany
Günther Neumeier
17- 53
Historical instruments for measuring temperature and pressure effects on crystals
Olaf Medenbach, Ulrich Burchard
59- 74
Collector profile: Victor Yount and his calcite collection
Thomas P. Moore
85- 97
Notes from the Editors
Günther Neumeier joins Record staff
Wendell E. Wilson
Rice Northwest Museum gets new curator
Sharleen Harvey
2- 3
American Mineral Heritage award
Wendell E. Wilson
Dallas Mineral Collecting Symposium 2011
Thomas M. Gressman
3- 4
Quasicrystals in the news
John Rakovan
4- 5
Diamond planet
Wendell E. Wilson
Extreme rockhounding
Wendell E. Wilson
Inserting Miller Index bars
Wendell E. Wilson
Died, Rex Harris, 81
Wendell E. Wilson
5- 6
Died, Horst Windisch, 79
Bruce Cairncross, Wolfgang Windisch, Este Steyn
6- 7
What's New
Ste-Marie-aix-Mines Show 2011
William F. Larson
99- 104
Springfield Show 2011
Joe Polityka
104- 111
Denver Show 2011
Thomas P. Moore
111- 122
Munich Show 2011
Thomas P. Moore
122- 132
33rd annual FM-TGMS-MSA Mineralogical Symposium: The Minerals of Arizona
Raymond W. Grant
Mineralogy of Arizona, past, present and future
Raymond W. Grant, Marcus Origlieri
A brief history of mining in Arizona-- pre-1912
Jim McGlasson
How minerals from Bisbee helped Arizona gain statehood
Richard W. Graeme
134- 135
The gemstones of Arizona, from A to Z
Wolfgang HT Mueller
The mines and minerals of the Amole mining district, Tucson Mountains, Pima County, Arizona
Anna M. Domitrovic
135- 136
Tellurium oxysalts from Tombstone, Arizona
Peter K.M. Megaw
136- 137
Arizona-- 100 years of statehood, 150 years of mining
Les Presmyk
Arizona placer gold
Erik B. Melchiorre
137- 138