Back Issues — Vol.40, No.6   2009
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November – December 2009
Vol.40, No.6
November - December 2009
November - December 2009
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Bryce McMurdo Wright, Sr. (1814-1875) and Bryce McMurdo Wright, Jr. (1850-1895)
Wendell E. Wilson, Marc L. Wilson, Michael P. Cooper
445- 466
Famous mineral localities: Volodarsk-Volynski, Zhitomir Oblast, Ukraine
Wendell E. Wilson, Peter Lyckberg, Vsevolod Chornousenko
473- 506
The Braen quarry, Haledon, Passaic County, New Jersey
Frank A. III Imbriacco
511- 524
Notes from the Editors
Rocks & Minerals magazine sold
Wendell E. Wilson
Free digital library
Thomas P. Moore
Why police need to know mineralogy
Wendell E. Wilson
Died, Campbell R. Bridges, 71
Wendell E. Wilson, Peter C. Keller, Dona Leicht
434- 435
Died, Harold W. "Hal" Miller, 88
John Muntyan, Ralph Meyertons, Burkard Oberle, Carl Swift, Jim A. Paschis
435- 436
Died, William J. McCarty, 68
Dona Leicht
436- 437
Died, Ken Gochenour, 62
John Watson, Dana Gochenour, Claudia Watson
437- 438
Died, John E. McDonald, 75
Wendell E. Wilson