Back Issues — Vol.36, No.6   2005
November – December 2005
Vol.36, No.6
November - December 2005
November - December 2005
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The Jackson's Crossroads amethyst deposit, Wilkes County, Georgia
Ryan L. Bowling, Terry Ledford, Rodney Moore
479- 486
Alpine "iron roses"
Thomas P. Moore
491- 503
Collecting cavansite in the Wagholi quarry complex, Pune, Maharashtra, India
Muhammed F. Makki
507- 512
Dioptase-Planchéite pseudomorphs after calcite from the Tantara copper deposit, Katanga, Republique du Congo
Jozef Janssens, Norbert Blaton, Renaud Vochten
521- 524
Pencil garnet from the Haramosh Mountains near Gilgit, Pakistan
William W. Pinch, Frank C. Hawthorne
525- 527
Fifty-nine treasure hunts in Minas Gerais, 1969-2005 (Part I)
Guido Steger
531- 549
Notes from the Editors
Hand-held Raman Spectrometer
Wendell E. Wilson, Thomas P. Moore
Died, Prosper J. Williams, 91
Wendell E. Wilson
474- 475
Abstracts at
Wendell E. Wilson, Thomas P. Moore