Back Issues — Vol.36, No.5   2005
September – October 2005
Vol.36, No.5
September - October 2005
September - October 2005
Title Page number(s)
The Palitra pegmatite, Lovozero massif, Kola Peninsula, Russia
Igor V. Pekov
397- 416
The minerals of west-central Illinois
Paul L. Garvin, E. Gene Tribbey
421- 431
The minerals of the Hunting Hill quarry, Rockville, Maryland
Fred J. Parker
435- 446
The Mineralogical Record label archive
Wendell E. Wilson
451- 457
Book Reviews
Field Guide to Rocks & Minerals of Southern Africa by Bruce Cairncross
Thomas P. Moore
461- 462
Minerals and Their Localities by Jan H. Bernard and Jaroslav Hyršl
Thomas P. Moore
I Minerali del Somma-Vesuvio by Massimo Russo and Imma Punzo
Renato Pagano
462- 463
Granito di Baveno; Minerali, scultura, architettura Graziella Buccellati, Ed.
Renato Pagano
463- 464
The Pegmatite Mines Known as Palermo by Robert W. Whitmore and Robert C. Lawrence Jr.
Thomas P. Moore
464- 465
Minerals of the Carpathians edited by Sandor Szakall
Thomas P. Moore