Back Issues — Vol.20, No.1   1989
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New Mexico
Vol.20, No.1
January - February 1989
New Mexico
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Notes From the Editor
New Mexico!
Wendell E. Wilson
2- 3
Wendell E. Wilson
Editor's file
Wendell E. Wilson
2- 3
New Mexico wall map
Wendell E. Wilson
Collecting the easy way
Wendell E. Wilson
New publication
Wendell E. Wilson
Died, Richard Scott Mitchell, 59
Wendell E. Wilson
A Short History of Mining in New Mexico
Wendell E. Wilson
5- 8
Minerals First Described from New Mexico
Jean F. DeMouthe
9- 12
Famous Mineral Localities: The Magdalena District, Kelly, New Mexico
Ronald B. Gibbs
13- 24
The Stephenson-Bennett Mine [New Mexico]
Janet Hammond
25- 30
Famous Mineral Localities: The Hansonburg District, Bingham, New Mexico
Abraham Rosenzweig, Eugene E. Foord, Joseph E. Taggart, Jr.
31- 46
Fluorite from the Pine Canyon Deposit, Grant County, New Mexico
Robert M. North, Ramon S. DeMark
47- 50
Mina Tiro Estrella [New Mexico]
Timothy A. Hanson
51- 53
Ilmenite Epitaxial on Bixbyite from Sierra County, New Mexico
William A. Henderson, Jr.
54- 55
Micromounting in New Mexico
Ramon S. DeMark
57- 64
The New Mexico Bureau of Mines Mineral Museum
Robert M. North
65- 68
What's New in Minerals? (Department)
Denver Show 1988
Wendell E. Wilson
69- 70
Quartz Troubles
Wendell E. Wilson
70- 71
Munich Show 1988
Wendell E. Wilson
71- 75
Naica [Mexico] Fluorite; Arkansas Quartz Twin
Evan Jones
Tombstone [Arizona] Wulfenite, Fluorite
Wendell E. Wilson
Mexican Mimetite
Wendell E. Wilson