Back Issues — Vol.47, No.3   2016
May – June 2016
Vol.47, No.3
May - June 2016
May - June 2016
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Thanks to the Fellows of the Mineralogical Record
Tom Gressman
Famous mineral localities: Banská Štiavnica (Schemnitz, Selmecbánya), Slovak Republic
Daniel Ozdín, Štepán Krejsek
254- 318
A gold specimen from the Spanish Dry Diggings, Eldorado County, California and a little of its history
Lawrence H. Conklin
325- 328
The Newmont azurite: the world's finest mineral specimen
Lawrence H. Conklin
333- 335
Postscript: Hessonite with apatite, Mount Avic, Bellecombe area, Aosta Valley, Italy
378- 379
Notes from the Editors
Died, Lawrence H. Conklin, 82
Wendell E. Wilson
248- 249
What's New
Tucson Show 2016
Thomas P. Moore
339- 368
Book Review
Minerals of Georgia: Their Properties and Occurrences , by Robert B. Cook and Julian C. Gray
Thomas P. Moore
373- 375