Back Issues — Vol.51, No.1.1   2020
Mineral Collections in Arizona – II
Vol.51, No.1.1
Mineral Collections in Arizona - II

by Wendell Wilson (Editor)

For the mineral collector there is no place like Arizona. Mineral Collections in Arizona-II is the second lavishly illustrated description of both public and private mineral collections in the state, with well over 550 specimens pictured. Included are: Notes on how wulfenite became the official state mineral, collections of members of the Mineralogical Society of Arizona and the Flagg Mineral Foundation, the Pima Geology Museum, and biographical notes about the 70 participants including 7 of “Arizona’s Young Mineral Collectors,” all of whom are letting us have a look at their favorite specimens. This publication is a unique and beautiful record of hundreds of fine mineral specimens rarely, if ever, seen by the public.

Mineral Collections in Arizona-II is a supplement to the January-February 2020 issue, “Arizona-VII.” The previous Mineral Collections in Arizona was a supplement to the May-June 2013 issue.

Supplement to January - February 2020
How Wulfenite Became the Official State Mineral of Arizona
Alexander G. Schauss
4- 5
A Fat Jack Adventure
Jeff Scovil
Mineral Collections in Arizona (II)
Mark Candee collection
6- 9
Kerry Cooper collection
10- 17
Christi Cramer collection
18- 19
Jean des Rivieres collection
20- 23
John Ebner collection
24- 25
Flagg Mineral Foundation
Les Presmyk, Chuck Kominski, Phil Richardson, Dawn Bouschelle, Dana Slaughter, Mike Williams, Lavone Archer, Jeff Johnson, Don Bouschelle, Chris Whitney-Smith, Joe Philpott, Jr., Sue and Stan Celestian
26- 35
Michael Fleeman collection
36- 45
Aaron Flynn collection
46- 47
Anthony Gleckler collection
48- 55
Tom Gressman collection
56- 57
Mark Hay and Mary Ellen Dirlam collection
58- 63
Karen R. Hruby collection
64- 69
Evan and Melissa Jones collection
70- 77
Jim and Imelda Klein collection
78- 83
John Lucking collection
84- 89
Steve Maslansky collection
90- 97
Denis Menard collection
98- 99
Mineralogical Society of Arizona
Jeff Scovil, Bob Jones, Raymond W. Grant, Ronald B. Gibbs, Joe A. Ruiz, Les Presmyk, Chris Whitney-Smith, Alex Schauss, Eric Putman, Dawn Boushelle, Ken Moffit, Ken Rippere, Stan and Sue Celestian, Denis Menard
100- 107
Erik Brown collection
David Tibbits collection
Harris Kominski collection
Wyatt Busby collection
Max Kaminski collection
Mason Kaminski collection
Maggie Lyons collection
Tom Moore collection
116- 117
Dick Morris collection
118- 121
Barbara L. Muntyan collection
122- 123
Jason New collection
124- 137
Pinal Geology Museum and the John Weber Collection
138- 139
George and Deborah Polman collection
140- 141
Les and Paula Presmyk collection
142- 147
Kenneth Rippere collection
148- 149
Alex Schauss collection
150- 157
Brian and Dawn Schwenk collection
Cody Schwenk collection
Chris Stefano collection
160- 163
Marshall Sussman collection
164- 169
Greg Toomey collection
170- 171
Daniel Ulibarri collection
172- 173
Lawrence E. Violett collection
174- 177
Chris Whitney-Smith collection
178- 179
Bill Williams collection
180- 181
Wendell Wilson collection
182- 195
Bill Yedowitz collection
196- 197