Back Issues — Vol.13, No.3   1982
May – June 1982, Vol 13 no 3
Vol.13, No.3
May - June 1982
Not in print
May - June 1982, Vol 13 no 3

This issue is no longer in print.


Minrecordite: a New Mineral from Tsumeb [Namibia]
Carlo G. Garavelli, Filippo Vurro, Gian Carlo Fioravanti
131- 136
Tsumeb [Namibia]! New Minerals and Their Associations
Paul Keller, Wolfgang Bartelke
137- 147
Stolzite from Tsumeb [Namibia]
Eugene E. Foord, Nancy M. Conklin
149- 150
Pyromorphite, Wulfenite and Other Minerals from the Bwlch-Glas Mine, Central Wales
Richard S.W. Braithwaite
151- 153
Arsendescloizite, a New Mineral from Tsumeb [Namibia]
Pete J. Dunn, Paul Keller
155- 157
Sperrylite from the Type Locality
Robert I. Gait
159- 160
Wroewolfeite in Britain
Richard S.W. Braithwaite
167- 170, 174
Micromounting in the Eastern Alps of Austria
Karl Kotal
171- 174
Crystallized Gypsum from the Playa Lake Clays of Lake Gilles [Australia]
Brian M. England
187- 191
Guest Editorial
Locality-Oriented Mineral Societies
Pete J. Dunn
Notes From the Editor
Crystal models available
Wendell E. Wilson
Arizona issues
Wendell E. Wilson
The Record Bookshelf (Department)
[17 titles listed, not reviewed]
175- 176
Letters (Department)
179- 180
What's New in Minerals? (Department)
Tucson Show 1982
Wendell E. Wilson
181- 184
Annual List of Donors to the Mineralogical Record