Back Issues — Vol.4, No.4   1973
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July – August 1973   “Limited supply, good condition”
Vol.4, No.4
July - August 1973
July - August 1973 "Limited supply, good condition"
Title Page number(s)
Epitaxial Overgrowths of Tennantite on Octahedral Pyrite from Quiruvilca, Peru
John W. Anthony, W. John McLean
159- 163
Idocrase (Vesuvianite)-- a 250-Year Puzzle, Part I
Joel E. Arem
164- 174
Dot Projection Method of Reproducing Crystal Drawings, With Advice on Crystal Drawing in General
John Sinkankas
175- 176
Metamict Minerals: A Review, Part I
Richard S. Mitchell
177- 182
Brown Calcite From Iowa
George R. McCormick, G. Bryan Bailey
188- 190
Locality Preservation
John Sampson White
Friends of Mineralogy (Department)
Mineral Conservation
Arthur Montgomery
156- 157
The Photographic Record (Column)
Wendell E. Wilson
158, 196
Yedlin on Micromounting (Column)
Neal Yedlin
183- 185
The Collector (Column)
Richard A. Bideaux
192- 194
Q/A Column
197- 198
To the Editor (Department)
199- 200