Back Issues — Vol.3, No.5   1972
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September – October 1972   “Limited supply, good condition”
Vol.3, No.5
September - October 1972
September - October 1972 "Limited supply, good condition"
Title Page number(s)
A Scanning Electron Microscopy Study of Minerals in Geodes from Chihuahua, Mexico
Robert B. Finkelman, John J. Matzko, Ching Chang Woo, Walter R. Brown, John Sampson White
205- 212
Boron Minerals and Deposits, Part II
L.F. Aristarain, Cornelius S. Hurlbut, Jr.
213- 220
Farkhonda Hassan
221- 225
Walter F. Ferrier and the Ferrier Mineral Collections
Louise S. Stevenson
232- 234
What's in a Name: Mac vs. Mc in Mineral Names
Michael Fleischer
235- 236
Mineral Shows-- Are They Worth the Effort?
John Sampson White
194- 195
The Museum Record (Column)
Paul E. Desautels
196, 234
The Collector (Column)
Richard A. Bideaux
198- 201
Yedlin on Micromounting (Column)
Neal Yedlin
202- 204, 227
Specimen Requests
226- 227
What's New in Minerals? (Department)
John Sampson White
228- 230
To the Editor (Department)
237- 240