Back Issues — Vol.12, No.1   1981
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“Limited supply, good condition”
Vol.12, No.1
January - February 1981
"Limited supply, good condition"
Title Page number(s)
Editorial: plugging policy and procedures
Wendell E. Wilson
2 - 3
Notes from the Editor
Arizona I and II sold out
Wendell E. Wilson
New film available
Wendell E. Wilson
Another calendar for 1981
Wendell E. Wilson
Mine lamp collectors unite!
Wendell E. Wilson
Famous mineral localities: Zeolites from Iceland and the Faeroes
Volker Betz
5 - 26
Zeolites in Yellowstone National Park
Keith E. Bargar, Melvin H. Beeson, Terry E. C. Keith
29 - 38
Microminerals (Column)
Violet Anderson
43 - 44
What's new in minerals? (Department)
Detroit Show 1980
Wendell E. Wilson
45 - 47
New discoveries at Elmwood, Tennessee
Wendell E. Wilson
Copper acetate hydrate with native copper
Pete J. Dunn
Additions and corrections to the Glossary of Mineral Species, 1980
Michael Fleischer
61 - 63