Back Issues — Vol.22, No.5   1991
September – October 1991, vol 22 no 5
Vol.22, No.5
September - October 1991
September - October 1991, vol 22 no 5
Title Page number(s)
Nehemiah Grew's Musaeum Regalis Societatis, 1681
Wendell E. Wilson
333- 340
Taaffeite Crystals
Anthony R. Kampf
343- 347
A Notable Millerite Locality near Bedford, Indiana
Richard M. Ley
351- 354
The Smokey Bear Quartz Claims, Lincoln County, New Mexico
Timothy A. Hanson, Bob Thompson
359- 366
The Resurrection of Sterling Hill [New Jersey]
Pete J. Dunn, Bernard T. Kozykowski
367- 376
Guest Editorial
Suggestions for More Accurate Locality Notations
Pete J. Dunn
Notes From the Editor
Curatorial notices
Wendell E. Wilson
331- 332
Antiquarian reprint series
Wendell E. Wilson
Call for papers
Wendell E. Wilson
Fax line now open
Wendell E. Wilson
Mineral Stories (Column)
The Russian Check
Lawrence H. Conklin
The Dubious Chabazite
Frederick A. White
An Underground Story
Dick Jones
What's New in Minerals? (Department)
Annual World Summary of Mineral Discoveries
Vandall T. King, George W. Robinson
381- 393