Back Issues — Vol.6, No.5   1975
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September – October 1975    “Limited supply”
Vol.6, No.5
September - October 1975
Out of print
September - October 1975 "Limited supply"
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The Gunnell Crystal Collections
Robert W. Jones
226- 229
Some Random Remarks About Collecting and Collectors
Russel P. McFall
230- 233
New Barite Find in Southern Illinois
John Carlon, James R. Winchell
235- 236
The Uranium-Vanadium Deposit of Mounana, Gabon
Fabien P. Cesbron, Pierre Bariand
237- 249
The C.U. Shepard Mineral Collection and the Two Drs. Shepard
Arthur Roe
253- 257
"A New Mineral - Almost"
Quintin Wight
258- 259
Guest Editorial
So You Think You Have Found a New Mineral?
Pete J. Dunn
220- 221
Friends of Mineralogy (Department)
Neal Yedlin
Personality Sketch: Neal Yedlin, An Impression
Joe Rothstein
What's New in Minerals? (Department)
John Sampson White
250- 252
To the Editor (Department)
260- 266