Back Issues — Vol.11, No.2   1980
March – April 1980    “Limited supply”
Vol.11, No.2
March - April 1980
March - April 1980 "Limited supply"
Title Page number(s)
The Red Cloud Mines, Gallinas Mountains, New Mexico
Ramon S. DeMark
69- 72
Malachite Pseudomorphs from the Sir Dominick Mine, Arkaroola, South Australia
Brian M. England
73- 76
Uraninite from Gatineau Park, Quebec
R. Waller, Robert A. Gault
79- 81
Rare Fluorides from a Soda Granite in the Oslo Region, Norway
Gunnar Raade, Jan Haug
83- 91
Giant Crystals of Kornerupine
Ole V. Petersen, Ole Johnsen, Aage Jensen
93- 96
Suggestions For Authors
Quintino Sella, Mineralogist and Statesman
Renato Pagano
107- 108
Reflections Upon Perusing a 1942 Bookseller's Catalog
Lawrence H. Conklin
Guest Editorial
Elusive Minerals
H.R. Steacy, Andrew C. Roberts, H. Gary Ansell
Notes From the Editor
More on distribution
Wendell E. Wilson
International directory of micromounters
Wendell E. Wilson
The Record needs volunteers
Wendell E. Wilson
Mineralogical Notes (Department)
Pyrite Crystals from Duff's Quarry, Huntsville, Ohio, U.S.A.
Robert I. Gait
97- 99
Sulfur in Pyrite Crystal-Shaped Cavities in Quartz
John Sampson White
99- 100
Pyrrhotite Nodules from Texas Gulf Coast Salt Domes
Arthur E. Smith
100- 101
Osarizawaite-Beaverite Intergrowths from Sierra Gorda, Chile
Werner H. Paar, Johann Burgstaller, T.T. Chen
101- 104
Notes For Collectors
A Rust Removal Method for Mineral Specimens
R. Waller
109- 110
Abstracts of New Mineral Descriptions (Department)
Wendell E. Wilson
111- 112
Letter From Europe (Column)
Bob Sullivan
113- 116
Friends of Mineralogy (Department)
A Farewell to Cornwall
J. Penrose Ambler
What's New in Minerals? (Department)
Pasadena Show 1979
Wendell E. Wilson
121- 124
Smithsonian's New Gold Exhibit
John Sampson White
124- 125