Back Issues — Vol.26, No.6   1995
November – December 1995   “Limited supply”
Vol.26, No.6
November - December 1995
November - December 1995 "Limited supply"
Title Page number(s)
A Guide to Mineral Localities in the Former Soviet Union
Bill Smith, Carol Smith
517- 549
Alumino-Fluorides from the Morefield Pegmatite, Amelia County, Virginia
Lance E. Kearns
551- 556
New Minerals Recently Approved
Joseph A. Mandarino
569- 571
Notes From the Editor
We were robbed!
Wendell E. Wilson
More mineral art
Wendell E. Wilson
New mineral magazine!
Wendell E. Wilson
Book Reviews (Department)
Handbook of Mineralogy, Volume II by John W. Anthony, Richard A. Bideaux, Kenneth W. Bladh and Monte C. Nichols
Pete J. Dunn
Bergmännische Geduldflaschen by Otto Fritz and Peter Huber
Wendell E. Wilson
Mineral Stories (Column)
The Taxco Silvers
Jim Klein, Imelda Klein
Red Cloud Coincidence
Wally Mann
565- 566
The Mysterious Missing Staurolite
Lawrence H. Conklin
A Beryl Find
Charles B. Sclar
566- 567
The Best Deals Passed By
Arthur E. Smith
567- 568
What's New in Minerals? (Department)
New Jersey Show 1995
Joe Polityka
Rochester Symposium 1995
Jeffrey A. Scovil
576- 578
Cincinnati Show 1995
Jeffrey A. Scovil
Costa Mesa Show 1995
Jeffrey A. Scovil
Notes from Madagascar
Jean-Paul Weiss
579- 581
Springfield Show 1995
Thomas P. Moore
581- 583
Author/Title Index to Volume 26
587- 589