Back Issues — Vol.49, No.4   2018
July – August 2018, Vol. 49 no. 4
Vol.49, No.4
July - August 2018
July - August 2018, Vol. 49 no. 4
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The M'Fouati mine, Bouenza Department, Congo Republic
Wendell E. Wilson, Demetrius Pohl
510- 538
Boulangerite from the Bottino mine, Apuan Alps, Tuscany, Italy
Paolo Orlandi, Andrea Dini, Cristian Biagioni, Marco Lorenzoni, Simone Pardini
543- 558
Tabular blue alkali beryl from Italy and Afghanistan
Federico Pezzotta, Pietro Vignola
563- 572
The Junnila mine, San Benito County, California
Scott Kleine
577- 596
Treasures from the wreck of the Unbelievable: artisan-crafted mineral specimens as works of art
Wendell E. Wilson
597- 606
Notes from the Editors
Alvaro Lucio collection on exhibit
Wendell E. Wilson
Died, Foster Hallman, 64
Paul Geffner, Rick Kennedy
Charles E. Baldwin, Robert Lavinsky, Malcolm Southwood, Marc Countiss, Ashley & Gail Diack, Rob Thacker, Alfred Ostrander, Don McCoy
609- 613