Back Issues — Vol.38, No.4   2007
July – August 2007, Vol 38 no 4
Vol.38, No.4
July - August 2007
July - August 2007, Vol 38 no 4
Title Page number(s)
The Trepca mine, Stari Trg, Kosovo
Jean Féraud, Gani Maliqi, Vjollca Meha
267- 298
The David Eidahl mineral collection
Anthony R. Kampf
303- 312
Abstracts of the 28th Annual FM-MSA-TGMS Tucson Mineralogical Symposium
Pegmatite mineralogy of Western Australia
Mark I. Jacobson, John Reeve, Sue Koepke, Nimal Perera
319- 320
Unusual secondary copper assemblages from deposits in eastern Australia
Peter A. Williams
Abstracts (continued)
Observations on specimen gold in southeastern Australian museums
Carl A. Francis, Robert B. Cook
320- 321
Minerals of the Cobar district, New South Wales
John Chapman
Editorial: Photographs: A priority for museums?
Wendell E. Wilson
258- 259
Notes from the Editors
The lost arts of mineralogy
Wendell E. Wilson
259- 260
Big bucks in Tucson
Wendell E. Wilson
Died, Sidney A. Williams, 72
Jim McGlasson
260- 261
Died, Ernie Schlichter, 77
Wendell E. Wilson, John C. Marshall
261- 262
Online label archive is now the biographical archive
Wendell E. Wilson
262- 263
Production editor for the (British) Mineralogical Society
Adrian Lloyd-Lawrence
Call for papers! Tucson 2008!
Julian C. Gray
Book Reviews
Kristalle-- Schönheit durch Fehler, by Dr. Werner Lieber
Thomas P. Moore
323- 324
Minerals First Discovered in Switzerland, by Philippe Roth
Thomas P. Moore