Back Issues — Vol.13, No.4   1982
July – August 1982, Vol 13 no 4
Vol.13, No.4
July - August 1982
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July - August 1982, Vol 13 no 4
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Some Classic Mineral Localities of Southeastern Ontario
D.D. Hogarth, H.R. Steacy, E.R. Rose, Louis Moyd
197- 203
Diamond Collecting in Northern Colorado
Donley S. Collins
205- 208
The Lake Clear-Kuehl Lake Area, Renfrew County, Ontario
Robert A. Gault, Joel D. Grice
209- 213
Quartz Crystals from the Granite Creek-Lolo Pass Area, Montana
Marlen O. Tweten
215- 217
Endlichite & Descloizite from the Chalk Mountain Mine, Churchll County, Nevada
Martin Jensen
219- 221
Some Rare Minerals of the Bancroft [Ontario] Area
Ann P. Sabina
223- 228
Hodgkinsonite from Franklin and Sterling Hill, New Jersey: a Review
Pete J. Dunn, Richard C. Bostwick
229- 232
Mercury Amidonitrate Crystals from Colorado
Pete J. Dunn, Roland C. Rouse, Donald R. Peacor
233- 234
Jeanbandyite: a New Member of the Stottite Group from Llallagua, Bolivia
Anthony R. Kampf
235- 239
Microminerals (Column)
Mineral Paragenesis at Mont St. Hilaire [Quebec]
William A. Henderson, Jr.
241- 247