Back Issues — Vol.8, No.1   1977
January – February 1977, Vol 8 no. 1
Vol.8, No.1
January - February 1977
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January - February 1977, Vol 8 no. 1


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Famous Mineral Localities: Prince of Wales Island, Alaska
Peter B. Leavens, Richard W. Thomssen
4- 12
Denny Mountain [Washington] Quartz
Lanny R. Ream
14- 18
The Secondary Mercury Minerals of Terlingua, Texas
Wilson W. Crook, III
20- 22
Crocoite and Its Increasing Scarcity
Keith Lancaster
24- 26
The Hall of Minerals and Gems at the American Museum
Peter B. Leavens
28- 31
The Bluebell Mine, Riondel, British Columbia, Canada
Robert A. Gault, Joel D. Grice
33- 36
An Experiment in Specimen Appraisal
Wendell E. Wilson, John Sampson White
38- 40, 47-48
Mining Claims for the Mineral Collector
Henry A. Truebe
43- 46
Morphology and Occurrence of Bolivian Cassiterite
Robert B. Cook
52- 57
Notes From the Editor
Wendell E. Wilson
Friends of Mineralogy (Department)
Third Joint MSA-FM Meeting and Symposium
Mike Groben
Letters to the Editor (Department)
50- 51
What's New in Minerals? (Department)
Detroit Show 1976
Wendell E. Wilson, John Sampson White
58- 62
Yedlin on Micromounting (Column)
Neal Yedlin
63- 65
The Record Bookshelf (Department)
Die alpinen Kluftmineralien der osterreichischen Ostalpen by Heinz Weninger
John Sampson White
How to Invest in Gems: Everyone\'s Guide to Buying Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, and Diamonds by Benjamin Zucker
John Sampson White
66- 67
An Introduction to the Chemistry of Rocks and Minerals by Max B. Perrin
Abraham Rosenzweig
Inventaire Mineralogique de la France: Nos. 3,4,5,6
Roger S. Harker