Back Issues — Vol.8, No.4   1977
Europe Issue July-August 1977, Vol 8 no 4
Vol.8, No.4
July - August 1977
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Europe Issue July-August 1977, Vol 8 no 4

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Anatase from Norway
W.L. Griffin, T. Garmo, H. Løvenskiold, A. Palmstrøm
266- 271
The Lengenbach Mineral Locality, Binna Valley, Valais, Switzerland
A Historical Report
Joseph Imhof
272- 274
Famous Mineral Localities: Lengenbach, Switzerland
Stefan Graeser
275- 281
Rare-Earth Minerals in the Alpine and Subalpine Region
Carlo M. Gramaccioli
287- 293
Rediscovery of Stokesite Crystals in Cornwall, England
A.G. Couper, R.W. Barstow
294- 297
Mendipite and Other Rare Oxychloride Minerals from the Mendip Hills, Somerset, England
Peter G. Embrey, R.F. Symes
298- 303
Fluorite from the Font Sante Mine, Esterel, Var, France
Frank A. Wilson
308- 311
Selected Minerals from the Volcanic District of Laacher See, Germany
Gerhard Hentschel
313- 326
Guest Editorial
Minerals, Museums and Amateurs
Johannes A. Dons
262- 263
Notes From the Editor
Wendell E. Wilson
264- 265
What's New in Minerals? (Department)
Tucson Show 1977
Wendell E. Wilson
282- 284
Mineralogical Notes (Department)
284- 285
Photographic Record
More German Minerals
Volker Betz
304- 307
Letters to the Editor (Department)
329- 330