Back Issues — Vol.8, No.6   1977
California Issue! Nov-Dec 1977, Vol 8 no 6
Vol.8, No.6
November - December 1977
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California Issue! Nov-Dec 1977, Vol 8 no 6


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Gold from the Colorado Quartz Mine [California]
David Eidahl
Minerals of the Benitoite Gem Mine [California]
William S. Wise, Robert H. Gill
442- 452
Jonesite: a New Mineral from the Benitoite Gem Mine, San Benito County, California
William S. Wise, Adolf Pabst, James R. Hinthorne
453- 456
Artinite from San Benito County, California
Sharon Cisneros, R. E. Witkowski, D.L. Oswald
457- 460
Famous Mineral Localities: the Himalaya Dike System, Mesa Grande District, San Diego County, California
Eugene E. Foord
461- 474
Footnote: The Reopening of the Himalaya Mine [California]
David Eidahl
Mineralogy of the Champion Mine, White Mountains, California
William S. Wise
478- 486
The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County [California]: Out of the Past and Into the Future
Peter C. Keller, Anthony R. Kampf
487- 493
Minerals of the Blue Bell Mine, San Bernardino County, California
Jack A. Crowley
494- 496, 518
Vuagnatite From California
Richard C. Erd, Adolf Pabst, Fraser Goff, Leo Rosenhahn
497- 501
Hydroboracite from the Amargosa Desert, Eastern California
Robert L. Countryman
503- 504
A Selected Bibliography of California Mineral Occurrences
H. Earl Pemberton
505- 506
The Best of San Diego County [California]
William F. Larson
507- 515
Guest Editorial
Helping the New Collectors
David Eidahl
Notes From the Editor
Wendell E. Wilson
The Historical Record (Column)
Ronald E. Bentley
428- 430
Microminerals (Column)
Violet Anderson
431- 433
Rare Minerals Report (Department)
William W. Pinch
Mineralogical Notes (Department)
Andradite from the Junnila Mine, California
Pete J. Dunn