Back Issues — Vol.36, No.4   2005
July – August 2005
Vol.36, No.4
July - August 2005
July - August 2005
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Warikahnite: some background on the cover specimen
William W. Pinch
Famous mineral localities: Klein Spitzkoppe, Namibia
Bruce Cairncross
317- 335
The Clear Creek mine, San Benito County, California: a unique mercury locality
Joseph F. Cooper, Jr., Gail E. Dunning, Ted A. Hadley, John Magnasco, Andrew G. Christy
337- 363
Micromineral photography with multifocus processing
Volker Betz
365- 369
Nifontovite from Charcas, San Luis Potosi, Mexico
William W. Pinch, Frank C. Hawthorne, Frederick H. Pough
375- 376
Notes from the Editors
The Mineralogical Record Museum of Art
Wendell E. Wilson, Thomas P. Moore
Letters to the Editors
381- 384