Axis Author Guidelines

  1. All article text must be submitted in electronic format, preferably as a Microsoft Word document. Documents in WordPerfect are also acceptable. Articles will not be accepted in PowerPoint format. Article text may be submitted as an e-mail attachment, with illustration files sent separately on disk. Or both article text and illustrations may be submitted on disk.
  2. Text should include all figure captions as a separate list at the end. Captions for mineral specimen photographs should include: (1) Species (obsolete varietal names are discouraged). (2) Specimen size or crystal size (not magnification factor). (3) Locality. (4) Photographer. (5) Specimen owner. (6) Any other pertinent information. Do not embed figures or illustrations in the text.
  3. Illustrations may also be submitted in electronic format. Resolution must be at least 300 dpi at full-page size. Photographs may also be submitted as original transparencies (positives, not negatives) of any size format. Prints may also be submitted.
  4. Citations within the text should be given as author’s surname and date. Examples:

    Jones (1983)
    Jones and Smith (1984)
    Jones et al. (1985) [in cases of three or more authors]

  5. References format should conform to our usual style (see any issue for other examples). Two examples are shown below:

    PETERSEN, O.V., and GROSSMANN, M. (1994) Some pegmatite minerals from the Zomba district, Malawi. Mineralogical Record, 25, 29-35.
    MANDARINO, J.A. (1999) Fleischer’s Glossary of Mineral Species, 1999. Mineralogical Record, Tucson, 225 p.

  6. Specifications for technical notations should follow the guidelines published by the American Mineralogist.
  7. Illustrations will be returned to the corresponding author within a few months of publication, but may be requested sooner if needed.
  8. Author should supply e-mail address for efficient communication.
  9. Once an article has been submitted to the editor, any further additions or changes should be flagged or keyed for insertion into the original draft maintained by the editor. Complete copies of revised text (in which changes are not identified) should not be submitted by authors without editorial approval, as this may require re-editing of the entire manuscript.
  10. Reviewed articles will be returned to the senior author or to the corresponding author only, by e-mail, with editings, questions and suggested changes shown in red. This author will then be responsible for obtaining corrections and suggestions from co-authors, if any, and then submitting one list of corrections or changes back to the editor for incorporation into the “master copy” of the article.
  11. Please do not submit incomplete articles for interim approval. All text and illustrations (except those for which the author is requesting editorial assistance) should be submitted at one time.
  12. See Mineralogical Record Editing Conventions for more details.