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About Axis

Axis is peer-reviewed online-only journal sponsored by the Mineralogical Record, Inc. to permit the publication of more articles and papers than can be accommodated by The Mineralogical Record magazine. We have subtitled it "An Eclectic Journal of Mineralogy" to reflect its wide scope. Papers may be submitted in the following areas:
Descriptive mineralogy
Specimen mineralogy
Topographical mineralogy
History of mineralogy
History of mineral collecting
Museology (mineral museums)
Mineral collecting techniques
Social and cultural aspect of mineralogy
Mineral photography techniques
Mining history (mineralogy related)
Mineralogically related biographies
Geo-Literary studies
Mineral-related art and artists
Mineral-related travelogs
Rapid processing and publication will be an advantage, however a high level of care will be accorded to the review process (to assure uniformly high content quality), and authors will be given assistance with the editing and illustrating of their papers, as needed. See Axis Author Guidelines for details regarding the form of submitted text and illustrations. Technical terminology and abbreviations are identical to those that have been adopted by American Mineralogist. See also Mineralogical Record Editing Conventions. Advertising will not be accepted in Axis.

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